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Timing and Mindset really are everything. Move over Tony Robbins.

I have done several appraisals this spring to help sellers decide whether 1) to reduce their asking price or 2) take what they considered low offers. Rarely am I asked to do pre-listing appraisals which could save sellers time, energy, and money. Recently, I appraised a beautifully restored house that had been on the market for many months and had received-what seemed to them-only low offers. The homeowners were confused and frustrated, and, at that point, they were committed to selling. With the information from the appraisal they understood the situation in their specific market much better and were able to look at the situation more realistically. This is what a good appraisal does. The homeowners thanked me for my “candor” and accepted an offer. (more…)


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 This is my first post. The purpose of this blog is to answer questions about real estate appraisals and the real estate appraisal process. I want it be a forum for industry professionals and lay people to discuss issues that affect the Westchester and NYC real estate markets.  General questions and comments are welcome!

Come back soon to hear more!

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