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I am frequently asked, “What makes a good comp?”  In appraising it is important to make sure that your comparables (comps) are similar to the property being appraised (aka subject property). Location should be the first consideration when choosing comparables. Then, comps should be similar to the subject property in terms of sales price, age, gross living area, site (land), location, style, condition, room count, and amenities (i.e., basement, garages, decks, patios, fireplaces, etc.).

For mortgage appraisals, lenders typically require appraisers to use three closed sales and two other listings (these two can be pending and/or active) as comparables. Lenders now require that two of the sales be closed within the last 90 days. The comps should bracket (one on either side with the subject in the middle) the subject property’s major characteristics in terms of sales price, age, and Gross Living Area (GLA).   (more…)


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